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For a Sustainable Society

Activities to prevent the decline in the number of tea farmers

The number of farmers is decreasing every year and the farming population is ageing. In addition, Shizuoka tea is produced on sloping land which is difficult to mechanize and the workload is particularly heavy during the plucking season. We are working together to face these challenges and continue to look for ways to solve them.

Preservation of tea in the Okouchi area

Marufuku has been purchasing Aracha grown and made in the Okouchi area, a famous tea production area in the mountains of the Abe River basin, from a local tea cooperative for over 60 years. However, the farmers’ cooperative decided to close down due to the ageing of the farmers amongst other factors, and so we have started direct management in order to protect the fragrant tea unique to the mountainous production area.

Passing on the culture of tea drinking

We want children to know the pleasure of making tea and how delicious it is. We don’t want families to lose their happy time drinking tea together and so we will pass on tea culture to the next generation.

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