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A Life With Tea

Having tea in your daily life will surely make your days more relaxing and enjoyable. Marufuku is proposing a lifestyle with tea that goes beyond just 'drinking' tea.

About Marufuku

Marufuku was founded in 1955 by Enji Ito in Shizuoka, Japan as a tea wholesaler. Since then, Marufuku has been producing premium Japanese green tea for almost 70 years.

The founder, Enji Ito, was a connoisseur of tea based on many years of experience. He purchased tea from all over Japan and discovered the exceptional quality of tea from the Okouchi area in the middle part of the Abe River in Shizuoka city. Enji Ito's passion and expertise paved the way for Marufuku's success in delivering exquisite Japanese green tea.

In 2001, Marufuku expanded its range to include organic products and became certified by the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association. Over the years, Marufuku's teas have received numerous prestigious awards, including the "Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection Gold Award" and the "Nihoncha Award Special Recognition Award". These awards demonstrate our commitment to excellence and have garnered recognition both domestically and internationally.

Under the current leadership of Asami Ito, CEO, Marufuku continues to produce premium Japanese green tea, upholding its heritage while embracing innovation and sustainability. Our unwavering commitment to quality positions Marufuku as a leader in the industry, as we strive to elevate the tea experience for our customers.

Marufuku’s tea have received numerous awards including the “Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection Gold Award” and the “Nihoncha Award Special Recognition Award”. We have been highly regarded both domestically and internationally.


Our Expertise

● Managing tea farm
● Tea productions
● Selecting teas
● Blending
● Processing             (roasting /powdering

● Packaging
● Packing
● Delivery
● Whole sales
● Developing New products

From ingredients to original products, we offer a range of teas to suit your requirements.

With a seamless production system, a deep passion for tea, a relentless pursuit of technological advancement, and an unwavering dedication to quality, these attributes define Marufuku Seicha and shape our company's character. We take pride in bringing the finest teas to our valued customers.

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