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Shizuoka Station/Shizuoka Hotel

Chiyoda Taxi's 'tea taxis'.

The taxi will pick you up at Shizuoka Station or at your hotel in Shizuoka City.

The drivers are experts in tea and mountain roads.

They will take you safely to various places.


Birthplace of Wasabi cultivation

Utougi is the "birthplace of Wasabi cultivation" and has been recognised as a World Agricultural Heritage Site.
It is said that in the past, wasabi from Utougi was presented to Tokugawa Ieyasu (the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan), who praised its fragrance and pungency.
The sound of the clear stream and the lush green wasabi fields are a unique sight in a land rich in nature.

Tea plantation at the top of the mountain


Tea plantation at the top of the mountain

About 40 minutes from Shizuoka City, at an altitude of about 700m, you can enjoy the view of the organic tea plantations and the mountain river below. On a rainy day or the day after rain, you can see the fantastic tea plantation in a sea of clouds.


Wasabi Lunch

Lunch at a restaurant that uses local ingredients and is popular for its handmade soba noodles and "sabi-meshi" - freshly grated wasabi served over hot rice.
You can buy wasabi pickles, processed wasabi products, miso and other processed local agricultural products.



Marufuku Tea Manufacture

At Marufuku, located in Shizuoka a traditional tea town, you can see how the tea leaves are sorted and roasted. You can also try roasting Hojicha under the guidance of tea craftsmen and taste a variety of Japanese tea.

Requests and Reminders

  • The tea field and wasabi fields might be difficult to walk in. Please refrain from wearing heels or sandals and wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • The tea plantations and wasabi fields are in a rich natural environment with animals, insects, and grass. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended.

  • Marufuku tea factory is where Japanese tea produced and packed. Due to the delicate nature of Japanese tea, we ask you not to wear or use perfumes or other strong scents.

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