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Marufuku’s tea

Golden tea  Tsuyuhikari

Premium original Japanese tea

Fermented in a unique way, this tea brings out the natural, gorgeous aroma of the leaves and is characterized by a delicate floral scent and gentle sweetness. 

This tea offers a new concept of tea that you have never experienced before.

The tea is made from the first tea leaves in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Taste_Genmai cha.png
  •  2023-24 The new wave NIHON CHA competition Platinum Award

This tea has a gorgeous, sweet and attractive aroma.
Well-balanced flavour and a refreshing aftertaste.


・2022-23 Japanese tea selection paris.

    The Jury's Encouragement Award.

・2022-23 Japnese tea award

   The Jury's Encouragement Award.

Plemium golden tea


Powdered specially grown Japanese green tea

This matcha tea is a blend of "Samidori" and "Okumidori" tea leaves and has a smooth and creamy taste with less bitterness and astringency. The pleasant natural scent refreshes your mood. You can also enjoy the dark green color of this beautiful matcha.

  •  2021-22 Japanese tea selection Paris Bronze award.

The tea was highly praised for its exquisite balance between a slight bitterness, astringency and pleasant umami.


  • Matcha is recommended not only as an ingredient in sweets, but also as a seasoning.



Premium Japanese green tea

The tea leaves are plucked in May, when the new shoots are growing and roasted at Marufuku to enhance their aroma. It has a deep yet fresh aroma that only young trees can produce. The tea has a clean taste with a balance of mild astringency and umami, a golden tea color and a gorgeous muscat-like aroma.


Genmai cha

Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice

Organic sencha with a gentle flavor blended with organic brown rice. Brewed at a high temperature, the fragrant aroma will spread softly. It has a rich nutty flavor, making it a good first cup for beginners to Japanese tea. Perfect for relaxation time.

Taste_Genmai cha.png
Genmai cha_1.jpg
Genmai cha_2.jpg

Mugi cha

Barley tea

The finest barley tea for those who are particular about aroma and taste. Using our original roasting machine, we slowly roast the barley to the utmost limit, shutting out the oxygen. Compared to regular barley tea, it has a darker color, deeper flavor, and rich aroma.

Taste_Sencha_Mugi cha.png
Mugi cha_2.jpg

Matcha Genmai cha

Powdered green tea added to Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice

The tea has an natural umami flavor and richness that does not interfere with the meal and leaves the mouth feeling refreshed and clean after eating.

In the first cup, you can enjoy the aroma of matcha and brown rice, and in the second cup, you can enjoy the mellow taste of brown rice and sencha green tea.

Taste_Genmai cha.png
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