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Cha ChaCha!Japanese teaassortmentset6 varieties

Cha ChaCha!Japanese teaassortmentset6 varieties

3 000¥Prix

An Assortment of Joyful Flavors.This is a pack of Japanese tea with a total of 10 teabags and 2 sticks of tea. You can enjoy six types of tea, including sencha, genmaicha, yuzu-sencha, hojicha, black tea, and matcha. The tea is carefully selected and packaged in individual bags with a unique design featuring tea characters. With this pack, you can experience the diverse flavors and aromas of each type of tea. Japanese tea is known for its high quality and rich taste, and this pack offers a great opportunity to try some of the best Japanese teas.

  • Detail.

    Net: 22g(5 kind of 2gTeabags×10・matcha stick 1g×2)

    Gross weight: 140g

    Size: 270×115×25mm

    Ingredients: Sencha (Japanese green tea), Black tea ,Hojicha( Japanese green tea) , Yuzu Sencha (Japanese green tea, Yuzu) , Genmaicha(Japanese green tea, Brown rice), Matcha (Japanese green tea)

    Manufacturer: Marufuku Seicha Co.,Ltd. 25 Wakamatsu-cho Aoi-ku Shizuoka Japan
    Best Before: 2 year after manufacturing 
    Storage Recommendation: Store in a cool dry place and away from any strong odors.

    ■About Our Teabags

    ・We uses sustainable materials that can be replaced with soil made from corn.

    ・The fabric of this tea bag is woven three-dimensionally. Therefore, you can enjoy a deep taste like drinking tea leaves in a teapot.

    ・The tea bag has a long string, so it won't sink even if you put it in a mug.

  • Three types of sencha green tea

    Taste the differences between each sencha.

    ・Sencha green tea: Authentic Japanese green tea. This tea can be drunk neat and has little astringency. Recommended for a morning awakening cup.

    ・Genmaicha green tea: sencha green tea blended with brown rice. The nutty aroma of the brown rice blends with the delicious taste of the sencha. Recommended as an Introductory cup for those not used to drinking Japanese tea.

    ・Yuzu sencha green tea: Enjoy the marriage of the fresh citrus aroma of yuzu and clean sencha green tea. Recommended when you want to refresh yourself.

  • Three further types of Japanese tea

    ・Black tea: Japanese tea has a long history. It is characterised by a gentle taste and a less astringent aftertaste.

    ・Hojicha: Hojicha is roasted sencha green tea. It is roasted by skilled craftsmen. It has a honey-like and nutty aroma that melds together.

    ・Matcha powder: The stick contains matcha and is ready to drink. It is a matcha with umami and full-bodied flavour. As well as dissolving in hot water, we recommend pouring it over milk or granola.

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