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How to prepare Sencha

Utensils for sencha tea: Kettle, teapot (kyusu), teacups (chawan), spoon.


1. Measure tea leaves

Put about 2 g of tea leaves per person into a teapot.


3. Pour hot water into teapot

Pour the hot water from the teacups into the teapot. Put the lid on the teapot and let it sit for 1-1 1/2 minutes.


2. Measure hot water

Pour boiling water into the teacups."

TIP: There are two reasons not to pour the hot water directly into the teapot. The first is to ensure that exactly the right amount of water is used. The second is to allow the water to cool to the appropriate temperature: hot, but not boiling.


4. Pour tea into teacups

Pour small amounts of tea into the teacups little by little in the order shown in the illustration.

TIP: This method ensures that the tea in each teacup is evenly flavored.


How to prepare Matcha

Utensils for matcha tea: Kettle, matcha tea bowl (chawan), matcha whisk (chasen), matcha scoop (cha shaku)


1. Preheat matcha bowl

Pour hot water into a matcha bowl so that is about 1/3 full. Then place the whisk facing down into the hot water to wet the tips of the prongs.
Pour out the hot water and dry the bowl with a cloth. Measure 70 ml/2.3 oz of hot water into a measuring cup and leave it to cool.


3. Pour hot water into matcha bowl

Once the hot water cools down to 70°C-80°C (158°F-176°F), pour it into the matcha bowl.


2. Measure matcha powder

Put about 2 scoops of matcha powder into the bowl.

TIP: Sift the matcha powder prior to measuring it to remove any clumps.


4. Whisk matcha

Take the whisk in one hand and hold the rim of the matcha bowl with the other. Whisk the matcha briskly with a W-shaped motion using your wrist (not your arm) until the matcha forms a thick froth with many tiny bubbles on the surface.

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