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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Japan.

Ninja packaged tea has been renewed. The series has been reborn as a series for people who are not familiar with Japanese tea.

There are four types: citrus sencha, a blend of lemongrass and yuzu with sencha, aromatic and easy-to-drink genmaicha, refreshing sencha, and hojicha, which has a honey-like aroma.

For more information, click here.

※The tea leaves inside are different from those in the previous Ninja series of black tubes. The same tea leaves are in the premium line of teas.

And we made a new "original tenugui (hand towel)". Tenugui is a traditional Japanese towel that absorbs water well and dries quickly.

This original tenugui shows how to drink tea.

Click here for details.

New products will be added from time to time. Please stay tuned!

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