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Wasabi fields are added to our tea tour options.

Have you ever heard of our tea tours?

We have tours that include a tour of the tea fields, a visit to a tea factory and tea tasting.

Tea tours are taken in these special tea taxis! (depending on the number of people).

There are also many wasabi fields near our tea plantations. Shizuoka Prefecture is also famous for Wasabi.

Wasabi only grows in areas with clean water. We thought that a visit to the wasabi fields would be a good way to get to know our tea.

Wasabi fields are located in the mountains and are very nice.

It is located with tea fields.

Not many Japanese have seen wasabi fields.

Advice has also been given by Professors Lee and Amner on tea tours. We plan to make it better in the future.

When you come to Japan, I invite you all to join me on a tea and wasabi tour!

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