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Japanese Tea Types

There are many different types of Japanese tea, depending on the type of tea leaves, how they are grown and how they are produced.


Sencha is the most popular and common tea in Japan, served in many households. Sencha has a fresh aroma and a good balance of bitterness and umami.


Matcha tea plants are covered to reduce exposure to sunlight. After the leaves are picked, they are steamed and dried without being rolled. The leaves' veins and stems are removed and the leaves finely ground into a powder. Matcha has an intense bitterness with a sweet aftertaste.

Hojicha (roasted tea)

Made with roasted sencha and stems, hojicha is a brown colour when brewed. It has a low caffeine content compared with ordinary green tea and has a unique fragrant yet refreshing taste.


Genmaicha is green tea mixed with roasted whole grain rice, which gives it a pleasant, relaxing aroma.

Flavoured tea

Herbs, fruits, or flowers can be blended with the green tea to add a unique taste. Enjoy flavors such as mint, lemon or peach green tea.

Barley Tea

Made by roasting barley and boiling it in boiling water, it is sometimes drunk hot, but is generally served cold as a summer drink. It has the fragrant aroma of roasted barley.

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