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Marufuku Tea Citrus Sencha 12 Biodegradable Tea Bags

Marufuku Tea Citrus Sencha 12 Biodegradable Tea Bags


CITRUS Sencha is a blend of clear, bright sencha tea, fresh yuzu aroma, and refreshing lemongrass. This tea has a rich aroma without the use of flavoring agents.
Recommended as a wake-up drink or when you need to refresh yourself.
The Ninja Package series of teas is aimed at first-time Japanese tea drinkers.

  • About Our Teabags

    ・We uses sustainable materials that can be replaced with soil made from corn.

    ・The fabric of this tea bag is woven three-dimensionally. Therefore, you can enjoy a deep taste like drinking tea leaves in a teapot.

    ・The tea bag has a long string, so it won't sink even if you put it in a mug.

  • Spec

    Net: 24g( 2gTeabags×12)

    Gross weight: 40g

    Size: 115×230mm

    Ingredients: Japanese green tea, Yuzu, Lemongrass

    Manufacturer: Marufuku Seicha Co.,Ltd. 25 Wakamatsu-cho Aoi-ku Shizuoka Japan
    Best Before: 2 year after manufacturing 
    Storage Recommendation: Store in a cool dry place and away from any strong odors.

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