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Marufuku  Hojicha 12 Biodegradable Tea Bags

Marufuku Hojicha 12 Biodegradable Tea Bags


Houjicha has a sweet scent like honey and has little bitterness. The Houjicha tea leaves are produced in Shizuoka prefecture and have been carefully rolled and roasted by craftsmen

We do recommend drinking this after a meal or when you want to relax.


Hōjicha (焙じ茶, ほうじ茶) is a Japanese green tea. Hojicha is a more intensely roasted version of Sencha. The tea is fired at a high temperature, altering the leaf color tints from green to reddish-brown. 

  • About Our Teabags

    ・We uses sustainable materials that can be replaced with soil made from corn.

    ・The fabric of this tea bag is woven three-dimensionally. Therefore, you can enjoy a deep taste like drinking tea leaves in a teapot.

    ・The tea bag has a long string, so it won't sink even if you put it in a mug.

  • Spec

    Net: 24g( 2gTeabags×12)

    Gross weight: 40g

    Size: 115×230mm

    Ingredients: Japanese green tea

    Manufacturer: Marufuku Seicha Co.,Ltd. 25 Wakamatsu-cho Aoi-ku Shizuoka Japan
    Best Before: 2 year after manufacturing 
    Storage Recommendation: Store in a cool dry place and away from any strong odors.

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